About us

We are a group of artists who have the desire and passion to build a community around Limerick Art.  Our aim is to promote emerging and established local artists and to showcase their work.  High quality original artwork in oil, watercolour, acrylic and fine art prints are featured throughout. Each page will reveal the wonderful spectrum of talent here in Limerick.

Our website hopes to provide art buyers, designers, collectors and lovers of original art with a connection to each artist through their individual page.

Whether you are looking for a new exhibition to visit, some inspiration for a unique wedding gift, perhaps a wow factor in a new room design, we hope we have something here for you. Get to know us through our gallery of pages.

Make it personal - buy directly from the artist.


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Meet the Team


Kathy Tiernan

John Hellewell

2020 @ArtLimerick, Limerick, Ireland.    
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