ArtLimerick Exhibitions

Our plans have taken the back seat to the Pandemic that sweeps the globe.  We have cancelled all plans for exhibitions up to and including the outdoor exhibition on Little Catherine Street in July. 


Who knows where events will go from here but hopefully we will recover quickly and see you back at events from September next. 


You can still contact each artist via their personal page on this website.

ArtLimerick at Limerick Milk Market

Coming up Nov - Dec with Artlimerick


ArtLimerick at Caseys Furniture


A continuous exhibition of art by ArtLimerick

If you are out and about in Limerick today don't forget to call to Caseys Furniture in Raheen. Go upstairs to the fabulous Zest for coffee, and pause to look at our Original Art on the wall. This display will continue to change throughout the coming months, we have so many great works of art to show you....

Caseys Artlimerick
2020 @ArtLimerick, Limerick, Ireland.    
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