Catherine Walsh

Catherine was born in Abergavenny, South Wales to Irish parents and moved to Co.Limerick, Ireland when she was 16. The Welsh people, climate and landscape being similar to the Irish, she fondly remembers her youth in Wales. 

She paints in oils, and loves to use vibrant colours. She is influenced by colourful shop-fronts in the rural towns along the west coast of Ireland. She is a keen photographer and uses her photographs as reference in her Art. she has recently started experimenting with abstract landscapes, a big move from her usual clean lines.

Catherine is a regular exhibitor at the Limerick Milk Market Gallery. She has exhibited in the CB1 Gallery and the Hunt Museum in Limerick. 

She looks forward to having a Solo Exhibition.

Her hobbies include photography and motorcycling.

The Pink Wall
The Kiosk
The Green Fields of France
The Boxer (1024x692)
Summer in Quillan
Knockfierna Rambling House
Dan Foley's.
Cobh Streets, Oil
Cooley's Pub

Contact Catherine

Mob: +353 (0)87 8110030


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