Chen Yu Wang

I am originally from Taiwan, a beautiful country on the other side of the world. Growing up with a passion to create and being keen in colours but was never confident enough to paint, I transferred my desire into Arts and Crafts. Not until I moved to other counties in Ireland a couple of years ago did I start painting daily life in pictures. I began with using photos as references, working with coloured pencils, later on with watercolour pencils.

This summer in my home country, I met an amazing tutor, who inspired my passion in city-scape sketching and watercolour. My creation moved from indoor to outdoor. Travelling with a tiny camping chair, some pens and brushes, a small bottle of water and a small case of watercolours, I sit on the streets working away. Interestingly, as a nature lover,


I have become fascinated with colourful buildings which contain history and people’s life stories. I love capturing those small corners and remembering them with colours and papers. I love the joys and the connections with other beings which painting brings to me. Like many others, I am trying to find a place in this big bustling city. So l paint. I have a chat with unnoticeable bricks and the invisible weeds and enjoy their company.

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