Michael Penston

My art considers the interplay between the subject of the painting and its surroundings. Everything in our universe is comprised of particles (atoms) that are billions of years old. These particles are re-used ad infinitum. My art considers the temporary ownership that physical objects have of these particles that are billions of years old. I use cubism to express the interconnectedness of my subjects and their surroundings.


The effect of my painting process is to produce an image in which the subject is partially obscured and incomplete. The image should be both harmonious and jarring, and should provoke the viewer to pause and question where one form stops and another begins.

Cubism typically has a strong spatial element in that it displays several aspects of the subject simultaneously. However, my cubism also contains a temporal element depicting the formation/degradation of the subject as particles are gained/lost.

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Email: michael_penston@yahoo.com

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