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Past Events

Open House

2021 saw us take on a new venture with a draw out day at St. Mary's Primary School on King's Island.  We enjoyed capturing the essence of both the old boy's school building and the contemporary Devane modernist building.

Christmas events.jpg
Coach House and 2 Pery Square

Just prior to Covid we enjoyed 2 wonderful events at the Coach House in the back of the People's Museum.  20 artists displayed their work on each occasion.  The tribute to the life and times of artist Tom Greaney was a highlight of 2019, where almost 70 people attended an opening night, launched by Sen. Maria Byrne

Outdoor Art Exhibition
St.Patricks Day

We are no stranger to The Limerick Milk Market, who have been kind enough to host 4 events per year together with our artists.  Each event sees 35 artists fill their stalls with work.  The atmosphere on the day is always wonderful, a great place to connect, have coffee and see beautiful artwork.

Milk Market Art (1).jpg
Central Buildings Exhibition

We displayed 2 artworks for each of the artists involved in this exhibition. Unfortunately due to lockdown we couldn't enjoy any opening night but sold many artworks during what turned out to be a 4 month run.

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